Play against type. Antique Georgian pieces may be rare, but they contain so much personality and history you shouldn’t be surprised if they spark some of the freshest, most exciting ideas in your entire collection.

    Just as many Georgian pieces were crafted around their gems (rather than the gems cut for the settings), this era has the power to redefine anything you wear with it. Go ahead. Give new life to a piece you didn’t see coming—and see what it gives back to everything around it.

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    The very definition of romance. They won’t need a history lesson to see that your Victorian bracelet stack was inspired by the love of a queen.

    This era of optimism and change opened many people to an appreciation of jewelry for the first time, giving new expression not only to royalty but to far-flung lovers throughout England and beyond who wanted to emulate their beautiful young monarch. Intricate motifs borrowed from nature give life to Victorian pieces and connect this seemingly distant era to popular themes of today.

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    Peel away the layers. Let the stone tell the story. And why not? Like a perfectly simple meal you’ll never forget, an Edwardian ring with a single, flawless diamond doesn’t need to be loud to say everything it needs to say.

    The Edwardian Era enjoyed the last years of European innocence before the first great war, and the jewelry of this time reflects that openness. We seek antique Edwardian pieces that couldn’t have come from any other era, nestled as it was between the ornament of predecessors and the brilliant revolutions to come.

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    Art Nouveau

    A revolution in design and sensibility. The sensuous curve of your enameled drop pendant represents a true break from the past, and while Tiffany and Lalique may be names of a bygone era, the Art Nouveau pieces they inspired feel as fresh and interesting as they must have on those old cobbled streets of Paris.

    It was a time of variety and breadth, and it’s hard not to love the experimentation that surfaced as the 19th Century came to a close. Art Nouveau influenced aspects of fashion, architecture, print, textiles and furniture—giving it historical gravity without losing the experimentation and risk that sparked an era.

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    Art Deco

    Like wearing jazz. Or Cubism. Or an Egyptian glyph. No wonder your favorite brooch hails from the time of Flappers and Fitzgeralds.

    New production methods and fresh ideas inspired a sea change during the Art Deco era. We love nothing more than discovering a piece that uniquely expresses the fun and freedom of the time— from an arresting diamond pave set bracelet to the emerald, sapphire and ruby gemstones that lend color and elegance to the most sought-after pieces.

    If you want to enjoy the lighter side of Art Deco, mass-produced cocktail jewelry can provide an exciting entryway—these pieces capture the strength and independence of women during that pivotal time, and can complement your most sophisticated look today just as they did in the 20s.

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    Bold, oversized, sculpted. Your sapphire and diamond bangle may evoke a golden age of movie stars, but tonight it’s the supporting cast to your simple black dress.

    During the Retro era most avenues of fashion were subdued by the War, giving jewelry designers a chance to fill the void and go big. They didn’t disappoint. Royalty—from Hollywood to Windsor— demanded fearless expression, giving rise to an exciting period rich with large gemstones, colorful settings and innovative methods.

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    High art. Low art. No matter. You’ve balanced a riot of influences on a single wrist and the result is perfectly unique.

    There’s no era more fun and free than the highly contextual pieces that arose during the American 1950s. It’ll keep you sharp. The range of styles and materials at play in contemporary jewelry present an interesting challenge given the wide and wonderful range of influences.

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