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    Nicknamed Earth’s Rainbow, agate has a translucent quality with concentric bands found in nearly every color the earth can produce. Hundreds of different kinds of agate, found throughout the world, make this stone uniquely versatile. No agate resembles another. Each stone telling a singular story, much like its wearer. Believed to hold properties of protection and spiritual health, the mystique of this beautiful stone has been invoked around the world for centuries.

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    Used for adornment longer than almost any other gemstone, Amber brings myth and supernatural sway into every era of jewelry design. We seek out pieces that exhibit character of the ancient trees it comes from—transmitting energy from the roots to the sky, from the physical to the spiritual.

    Our favorite amber gemstones come from the Baltic, which produces clear, elegant stones. Dominican amber can also be very interesting, often with insects and other inclusions that add conversation-worthy character.

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    Like the range of hues contained within, Amethyst can be many things. Big and bold without being too serious. Engraved or cut or faceted. Versatile enough to give you total freedom. So why not have some fun?

    Look for deep, rich color and a cut that reflects your personal style. Amethyst embodies the Maison Ray spirit as much or more than any other gemstone: “Seek, and we shall find.”

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    Powerful, dark, and otherworldly, carnelian lends gravity to everything it touches. We love carnelian beads strung with gold—a combination fit for a High Priest. It brings a richness and depth to any piece it graces, and ancient traditions lend it an Egyptian or Roman feel.

    Carnelian’s material softness have made it ideal for crafting into seals and scarabs throughout time. We look for carnelian in intricate brooches, signet rings, bangles and bracelets. It’s an opportunity to find a piece that tells its own story right on the surface—now to add your chapter.

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    Coral’s vibrant hues of dark red to pale rose have made it an attractive choice for fine jewelry. Often described as an organic gemstone, it is mainly harvested from the Mediterranean Sea off the coasts of Italy, France, Spain, Algeria and Tunisia. Coral’s softness allows jewelers to carve elaborate cameos or polish its striking surface to a lustrous finish. Its close ties to the warm sea waves and cool ocean air conjure feelings of vast and endless splendor.  

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    A garnet is a symbol of eternal love. The most common variety resembling the brilliant red of a pomegranate seed, from which it derives its name. Sometimes bold, sometimes subtle, the garnet flirts with complexity and depth. A fitting gift to repair the broken bonds of a loved one far away. Garnets can be found in a variety of colors ranging from lush green to sunny orange. Find your shade, wear it, and know that love surrounds you.  

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    The only thing left untold about diamonds is the story of the woman who wears it next. The most precious of gems, it is truly meant to be given and received.

    What other stone can be so elegant alone, or so powerfully paired? The only thing we truly know about diamonds is that whenever you wear them, they reflect and enhance everything around you.

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    No gemstone feels so alive as the emerald. It is said to manifest the desires of whoever should wear it. And no wonder.

    Emeralds are a unique and incomparable centerpiece when set with pearls or other gemstones. In fact, we’d like to see emeralds more frequently and prominently worn today. The vitality and verve it has always represented is a perfect compliment to the generation of women just now growing their collections.

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    A moonstone reflects its owner like no other gemstone—perfect for a night that warrants a little mystery or a journey someplace strange and new. The strength of moonstone is captured under its pearly veil, holding secrets in the folds of what Romans believed were the moon’s solidified rays.

    While moonstone jewelry may not be an everyday piece for many of our clients, it’s such a deeply personal and intimate stone that it has a place in every collection. The secret is finding that perfect piece, whatever it takes (and wherever it takes you).

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    The intoxicating onyx shows best when shaped and polished, inviting you to lose yourself in the profound and banded black. Its wonderful contrasts can transform an entire outfit or sit comfortably in the background waiting to reward the patient eye. It all depends on the night.

    The word onyx itself seems to bubble up from a forgotten history—befitting a stone that’s been given significance and mystery from countless ancient texts. Find a piece that feels powerful and personal and perfect for you—we have a feeling you’ll wield that power more than you may have imagined.

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    A piece of art, crafted in the ocean depths. A pearl’s ability to effortlessly blend with other gemstones or stand on its own make it a true treasure. Pearls have always been worn to show sophistication and grace. And rightfully so. Nature’s pure design is their most alluring quality. Go with a minimalist single pearl piece, or let its iridescent surface guide you to something a bit more bold: multiple luminous strands.  

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    The mischievous ruby stands apart in every era. It elevates everything around it and evokes a brand of sultry romance that no other gemstone can match. Not even the diamond.

    Ruby is the stone that sparks a thousand stories. This blood-red gem evokes more than we could ever capture in words—a dance, an escape, a fight, a fire. What you see is a reflection of what you want. Seek a piece that promises adventure, and we wager it will find you.

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    Draw your eyes away from a sapphire, we dare you. It’s as if everything this stone has seen is trapped somewhere inside. What other stone could so fully pull you in and hold you in its depths?

    Quenching, calm and deep—these attributes make sapphire the perfect compliment to lasting love. From any era, in any piece, it’s easy to see why this is the stone of remembrance.

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    Tiger’s Eye

    The Tiger’s Eye is deep and grounded, yet seems to contain an entire planet in a single gem.

    Tiger’s Eye presents an opportunity to add something fun and evocative to your collection. With so much variation at hand, find a piece that truly matches your personality and you’ll be surprised how often it’s a piece you revisit. We also respect the power that Tiger’s Eye holds for many of our friends and clients—as a meditation stone and talisman of truth and introspection.

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    Turquoise is an opaque gemstone with varying hues of blue, green and blue-green. During ancient times, the stone was introduced in Europe via the trade route that crossed Turkey, which is where the name derives. It is crafted into jewelry using nugget form, sometimes faceted but mostly seen en cabochon. During Queen Victoria’s reign, turquoise surged in popularity. She often gave gifts with turquoise included in the design. Turquoise was seen in rings, bracelets, brooches and necklaces, among others.

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