Our Philosophy

Maison Ray believes every piece of jewelry is an adventure. It has history, a journey, and a unique path that led to you.

Our mission is to respect and elevate that adventure in our work.

Think of us as your portal into the secret room of an estate sale you didn’t know existed. Your invitation to the private collection you would have missed. Your personal guide to a show halfway across the globe. Maison Ray’s relationships and knowledge, coupled with unrivaled attention to you and to the art, give you a partner in whatever you seek—whether it be the start of a conversation or a desire for the perfect piece for the perfect person, right now.

The jewelry on this website represents a small and rotating selection of what we offer. We also seek unique and hard-to-find pieces for clients across the globe as part of our Concierge service.

Gayle Ray

Gayle Ray’s career in fashion has been inspired by design and craftsmanship of all types and across eras. For the past twenty years she has owned a stylist business that markets luxury goods and clothing.

Our Commitment
to Excellence

Maison Ray guarantees that all items sold are as described, including condition, approximate date of manufacture, and descriptions of gemstones, metals, and any other materials. If you have additional questions about any piece, please don’t hesitate to ask.

We make every effort to ensure that our pieces are in good condition when sold, with special attention to the security of the gemstones.

Any notable feature or aspect will be noted in the product description. Due to the nature of any antique, however, we must sell all pieces as-is.

Maison Ray recommends that our clients take measures periodically to maintain their antique jewelry.

Some pieces may require additional or special care, and for such pieces we are happy to consult on best practices and, when possible, trusted care professionals.

Finally, we recommend that our clients insure all jewelry purchases. Please don’t hesitate to ask us for more detail on how to secure appropriate insurance.